Vespa GTS 125 RST22 - Beige Avvolgente 2024 £500 Saving Upon Registration

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Vespa GTS 125

A model that combines style, stability and manageability in a sober and elegant design. Discover how even the simplest looking Vespa can prove to be gritty and surprising.

Meticulous attention has gone into even the smallest detail of the Vespa GTS. The colours are bright and glossy, the seat and interiors match each other, chrome elements add an extra touch of elegance and even the much-loved “tie” that is such an iconic feature of the Vespa’s front has been given a contemporary refresh. 

The comfort reaches the highest levels With the Vespa GTS,, with features such as keyless ignition, remote seat opening, a practical USB port to charge your device on the go and the Bike Finder function for easy identification of your own scooter in a crowded parking zone. The crowning glory is the 125cc single-cylinder engine with its quick acceleration and reduced fuel consumption making it perfect for a carefree urban lifestyle.

The latest innovations bring new levels of control and manageability to the Vespa GTS. The completely-redesigned suspension, dual disc brakes and ABS ensure efficient braking and offer grip on even the loosest surfaces.



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